27-29 June, Prague, Czech Republic


Symposium program

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Sunday 26th | Monday 27th | Tuesday 28th | Wednesday 29th

Sunday, June 26th

16:00-18:30  Guided tour of the Old Town

Meeting point is the huge Jan Hus statue on the Old Town Square. Look for a person in a black t-shirt with the EGSR logo.


18:30-21:00  Welcome & Registration

The welcome reception will take place at the conference venue, in Celetná street 20. As this event takes place in the Czech Republic, there will be free beer, of course.

Monday, June 27th

Registration opens at 08:00.

08:45-09:00  Conference opening


09:00-10:00  Keynote: Marc Pollefeys

Session chair: Ravi Ramamoorthi

3D/4D capture of environments and events


10:30-12:00  Reflectance and Materials

Session chair: Steve Marschner

Optimizing Environment Maps for Material Depiction

Adrien Bousseau, Emmanuelle Chapoulie, Ravi Ramamoorthi, and Maneesh Agrawala

Discussant: Wojciech Jarosz

An Energy-Conserving Hair Reflectance Model

Eugene d'Eon, Guillaume Francois, Martin Hill, Joe Letteri, and Jean-Marie Aubry

Discussant: Steve Marschner

Stone Weathering in a Photograph

Su Xue, Julie Dorsey, and Holly Rushmeier

Discussant: Pieter Peers


13:30-15:00  Sampling

Session chair: Wojciech Jarosz

Stratified Sampling for Stochastic Transparency

Samuli Laine and Tero Karras

Discussant: Derek Nowrouzezahrai

Improved Stochastic Progressive Photon Mapping with Metropolis Sampling

Jiating Chen, Bin Wang, and Jun-Hai Yong

Discussant: Jaroslav Křivánek

Efficient Computation of Blue Noise Point Sets through Importance Sampling

Nima Khademi Kalantari and Pradeep Sen

Discussant: Ares Lagae


15:30-17:00  Geometry for Rendering

Session chair: Michael Wimmer

Silhouette-Aware Warping for Image-Based Rendering

Gaurav Chaurasia, Olga Sorkine, and George Drettakis

Discussant: Jason Lawrence

Improved Model- and View-Dependent Pruning of Large Botanical Scenes (CGF-10-EGSR-072)

Boris Neubert, Soeren Pirk, Oliver Deussen, and Carsten Dachsbacher

Discussant: Michael Wimmer

ManyLoDs: Parallel Many-View Level-of-Detail Selection for Real-Time Global Illumination

Matthias Holländer, Tobias Ritschel, Elmar Eisemann, and Tamy Boubekeur

Discussant: Eric Tabellion


17:00-17:45  Extended IPC Meeting


18:30-20:00  Football game & beer

Don't forget to bring your football shoes. If you're not that into running around after a ball, you can cheer for your favourite team of fellow rendering researchers while enjoying a glass of cold beer.

Tuesday, June 28th

09:00-10:00   Keynote: Peter Shirley

Session chair: Erik Reinhard

EGSR 1990-2030


10:30-12:00   Perception

Session chair: Adrien Bousseau

Perception of Visual Artifacts in Image-Based Rendering of Façades

Peter Vangorp, Gaurav Chaurasia, Pierre-Yves Laffont, Roland W. Fleming, and George Drettakis

Discussant: Samuli Laine

Anaglyph Stereo Without Ghosting

Harald Sanftmann and Daniel Weiskopf

Discussant: Adrien Bousseau

Perceptual Global Illumination Cancellation in Complex Projection Environments

Yu Sheng, Barbara Cutler, Chao Chen, and Joshua Nasman

Discussant: George Drettakis


13:30-15:00  Realistic Appearance and Volumes

Session chair: Jaroslav Křivánek

A Physically Plausible Model for Light Emission from Glowing Solid Objects

Alexander Wilkie and Andrea Weidlich

Discussant: Xavier Granier

A Volumetric Approach to Predictive Rendering of Fabrics

Kai Schröder, Reinhard Klein, and Arno Zinke

Discussant: Derek Nowrouzezahrai

Progressive Expectation-Maximization for Hierarchical Volumetric Photon Mapping

Wenzel Jakob, Christian Regg, and Wojciech Jarosz

Discussant: Toshiya Hachisuka


15:30-17:00  Efficient Textures

Session chair: Alexander Wilkie

Variable Bit Rate GPU Texture Decompression

Marc Olano, Dan Baker, Wesley Griffin, and Joshua Barczak

Discussant: Peter-Pike Sloan

Efficient Packing of Arbitrary Shaped Charts for Automatic Texture Atlas Generation

Tobias Nöll and Didier Stricker

Discussant: Janne Kontkanen

Least Squares Vertex Baking

Ladislav Kavan, Adam W. Bargteil, and Peter-Pike Sloan

Discussant: Michael Wimmer


20:00-23:00  Conference dinner

The conference dinner will take place in the baroque Theresian Hall of Břevnov Monastery, which is located in Western Prague, right next to the tram line 22.

Wednesday, June 29th

09:00-10:30  Ray Tracing and Real-Time Rendering

Session chair: Eric Tabellion

Importance Point Projection for GPU-based Final Gathering

David Maletz and Rui Wang

Discussant: Jaakko Lehtinen

Direct Ray Tracing of Phong Tessellation

Shinji Ogaki and Yusuke Tokuyoshi

Discussant: Vlastimil Havran

A Ray Tracing Approach to Diffusion Curves

John C. Bowers, Jonathan Leahey, and Rui Wang

Discussant: Jiří Bittner


11:00-12:30   Accelerating Global Illumination

Session chair: Rui Wang

Coherent Out-of-Core Point-Based Global Illumination

Janne Kontkanen, Eric Tabellion, and Ryan S. Overbeck

Discussant: Rui Wang

Guided Image Filtering for Interactive High-quality Global Illumination Filtering

Pablo Bauszat, Martin Eisemann, and Marcus Magnor

Discussant: Alexander Wilkie

Making Imperfect Shadow Maps View-Adaptive: High-Quality Global Illumination in Large Dynamic Scenes (CGF-11-EGSR-017)

Tobias Ritschel, Elmar Eisemann, Inwoo Ha, and Hans-Peter Seidel

Discussant: Peter-Pike Sloan



Marc Pollefeys, ETH Zurich


Title: 3D/4D capture of environments and events



In this talk I will first present some of our work on capturing 3D models of large scale environments from street-side video as well as from massive photo-collections. Then, I will talk about constructing 4D representations of events from casually captured videos and how these can be interactively navigated.



Peter Shirley, University of Utah / NVIDIA


Title: EGSR 1990-2030



The EGSR has been running for about two decades. This talk will review changes in rendering over that time as well as EGSR's role in that. It will then review important open problems, as well as what changes are likely over the next two decades.